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From fly screens to shower doors to insulation - we do it all!

Here at Ahead Home Products, we aim to provide you with the best supply and installation in the Waikato region for a range of home accessories:

Shower doors and a range of bathroom mirrors

Aluminium and Magicseal magnetic fly screens

Magicseal retro-fit double glazing

Roller blinds, including sunshades and blockout blinds

Security screens for windows and doors

Magnetic fly screens & double glazing

Magicseal products for your fly screen windows and retro-fit double glazing solutions, allow you to rest assured that you are being provided with a product that will last.

Shower doors & bathroom products

For new and existing bathrooms, talk to our team about custom made shower doors and bathroom supplies.


Roller blinds & sunshades

Add a sophisticated touch to your windows whilst keeping out sun with a range of roller blinds and sunshades - perfect for the home or office.

Security doors and windows

Prevent intrusions from occurring in your residential or commercial property with the installation of security windows and doors.

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Are you looking to update your property? There may be a variety of reasons as to why you’d like to update your home: perhaps it is no longer meeting the needs of you and your family or it is simply outdated. The first idea that may come to your mind are home renovations, alterations and extensions, however it is hard to get excited about this option when considering the costs involved. When looking into renovating your home, you’ll need to realise that this project will cost anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars right through to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If this option is so far looking to costly for you, perhaps you can consider renovating your home, one accessory at a time.    

When it comes to updating your home, there is one room of the house that is the most popular to renovate: the bathroom. Perhaps this is because it is one of the most visited rooms of the home, or maybe because there is so many different fixtures that can be easily renovated. The bathroom shower is a great way to start off your renovation, as these can be completely designed and installed to meet your particular needs. From frameless shower doors to sliding shower doors to bath tub doors, there are extensive ideas as to how to improve your shower. Other bathroom fixtures than can be replaced and updated are bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, toilets, bathroom mirrors and bathroom tapware.    

If you constantly have to deal with flies around your home, or you’re looking to have a continuous flow of fresh air throughout the house (while still keeping the doors and windows shut), a new fly screen door installation is a great idea for you. Aluminium fly screen doors are probably the most popular type throughout residential properties, and can be custom made to fit your windows or doors. With the choice of a hinged, sliding or retractable fly screen door, you can have the convenience of a fly screen that suits your home. Another alternative to a new fly screen door is to choose the ‘Magicseal’ magnetic kind. These magnetic fly screen doors can be installed new or retro-fitted onto your existing windows or doors, and can be colour matched to the rest of your joinery.

Magicseal is also a great brand to choose when you are looking for double glazing options. Double glazing your home is becoming increasingly popular throughout New Zealand as an effective insulation option. As well as effectively insulating your home, double glazing options can help reduce noise and condensation in your home. Just like magnetic fly screen doors, your double glazing solution can be retro-fitted or installed new in your property, and also colour-matched accordingly.    

Speaking of windows and doors, another great way to update your home is to add on some additional security. Security windows and doors can provide peace of mind for you and your family that intruders will have trouble breaking into your home. With the option to have fly screen mesh installed over the aluminium grills, you can have additional security as well as prevention from flies.   

And finally, another home accessory that can help update the look of your home is roller blinds. Perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to windows, and also keeping out the blaring sun, rollers blinds are a great addition to both residential and commercial properties. From venetian blinds to sunscreen roller blinds to vertical blinds, you can choose the type of blind that best suits your property.